Available tests


Every tumour cell is affected by modifcations of its DNA – and these modifications are different for each patient. OncoDNA has developed analyses which are used to study all the characteristics of a person's tumour. This means we can provide your Oncologist with a list of the treatments most suitable for you and therefore the most effective to fight your cancer.


Cost-effective solution combining DNA and protein analysis of a solid tumour sample

When a person's cancer cells mutate and gain resistance to the chosen therapy, that therapy may no longer be effective. An OncoDEEP test analyses the unique character of a person's tumour cells. The crucial information contained in the report can assist with personalised treatment options..

OncoDEEP® analyzes your tumour down to the last detail and as such establishes its molecular passport. From the most recent biopsy of your tumour, OncoDNA carry out a unique combination of different genomic and protein analyses. Results show which treatments are most likely to have the greatest effect.

OncoDEEP® is suitable for all solid tumours in adults for all metastatic cancers, such as cancers of the breast, ovary, lungs, colon, stomach, prostate, etc.

Ask your Oncologist if your tumour can be analyzed in this way - only a medical doctor can order these analyses.


The complete solution integrating the analyses of solid and liquid biopsies

The OncoSTRAT&GO analysis assists Oncologists and patients in the treatment decision making process, thanks to a very innovative and unique dual solid/liquid molecular characterization of the tumour. Sophisticated tumour interrogation technologies (NGS, IHC, pyrosequencing etc) combined with an extensive clinical literature assessment allow us to provide Oncologists and their patients with the most relevant evidence on biomarkers and correlated drugs.

This innovative combinatorial analysis allows physicians to:

  • Decipher the heterogeneity of the tumour and its related metastases

  • Overcome rebiopsy issues

  • Open doors for personalised monitoring of the disease

OncoDNA's multiplex platform helps guide therapy decisions when there is little to no medical treatment consensus or guideline and facilitates physicians to :

  • Navigate among therapies with potential clinical benefit

  • Identify therapies that may not have been considered previously

  • Detect drugs with potential lack of clinical benefit (thus avoiding unnecessary toxicities and costs)

  • Match patients to clinical trial opportunities


Cancer-specific solution from a liquid biopsy sample


OncoSELECT is a fast, minimally invasive analysis of circulating tumor DNA from a blood sample for:

  • Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

  • Colorectal Cancer

  • Breast Cancer (HR+ and HER2+)

It is the perfect tool to identify therapeutic solutions for cancer patients not able to get their tumor biopsied, to monitor the progression of their cancer and to detect treatment resistance as soon as it appears.

Following a recent change in FDA guidelines, a liquid biopsy is now approved as the first diagnostic tool for non-small cell lung cancer patients. OncoSELECT is the perfect test to do a first screening of the most relevant genes related to treatments.

OncoSELECT targets more than 100 mutations of resistance and sensitivity to approved targeted therapies (SNVs,indels, translocation and CNVs) as well as specific genes selected for each cancer type.


Truly personalized monitoring solution from liquid biopsy sample

OncoTRACE® is an individualised approach which uses a liquid biopsy (a simple blood sample) for the monitoring of a patient’s cancer via sensitive biomarkers . It also gives early response indicators after treatment choice by measuring the ctDNA mutation load and tracking actionable variants and variants related to treatment resistance/sensitivity in the blood stream.

OncoTRACE® is the follow-up to OncoSTRAT&GO®. There's no need to take a new biopsy of the patient's tumour as this analysis only requires a blood test. OncoTRACE® results can help monitor the evolution of a person's tumour and assess the effectiveness of your treatment. The evolution of a person's cancer is monitored in a non-invasive way, helping Oncologists anticipate any recurrence.

OncoTRACE® is designed to be used in adults, on all types of solid tumours in cases of metastatic cancer, such as cancers of the breast, ovary, lungs, colon, stomach, prostate, etc.

Ask your Oncologist if your tumour can be analyzed in this way - only a medical doctor can order these analyses.


Lab Analysis Time

  • OncoDEEP: 7 working days

  • OncoSTRAT&GO: 10 working days

  • OncoTRACE: 7 working days

  • OncoSELECT: 7 working days

NOTE: the analysis times listed above do not include the time it takes for solid specimen retrieval from the pathology lab (if required) nor does it include transit time of the sample to the laboratory. For a more accurate estimation of when your results will be released to your physician, please contact Genostics directly at oncodna@genostics.com.au or on +61 1300 282 482.