OncoDNA is a cancer theranostic company which uses a combination of the most relevant molecular technologies to support Oncologists in their treatment decisions for patients.

Cancer is all about personalised medicine. OncoDNA was founded by a team with over 60 years’ expertise in medical diagnostics and patient care. Today, by combining the latest sequencing and pathology technologies with clinical knowledge, OncoDNA is perpetuating the tradition of excellence in the field of cancer theranostics.

Located in Belgium, OncoDNA works in close collaboration with the Institute of Pathology and Genetics (IPG), the largest laboratory in the country for diagnostic and pathological analyses of cancer. OncoDNA partners with distributors in over 60 countries.

Thanks to our wide expertise in DNA sequencing and molecular pathology, we provide cutting edge services for personalised cancer management

Genostics Australia Pty Ltd is the official distributor for OncoDNA in Australia and New Zealand. For information about OncoDNA for physicians and patients outside of Australia and New Zealand, please visit the international OncoDNA website by clicking here


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In the last 10 years, major advances in understanding how cancers behave have given doctors the opportunity to select treatments based on the presence of specific biomarkers and to personalize a treatment plan for each patient. Tumor profiling can help not only to increase chances of survival, but also to avoid unnecessary treatments and potential toxicity. While chemotherapies act on all rapidly dividing cells, normal and tumor, find out how these new therapies work to treat cancer patients.

  • Targeted therapies neutralize the tumor by acting on specific targets (changes in the cancer cells) involved in its spread or causing its growth. They act only on the cells containing these targets, so mostly on the cancer cells.

  • Hormone therapy uses drugs to block or lower the hormone level in the body, in order to slow down or stop the growth of some cancers, for example, for hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers (HR+) and some prostate cancers.

  • Immunotherapy is a way to stimulate the patient’s immune system to destroy their cancer cells. Some drugs recognize specific molecules on the surface of cancer cells while others can bind to the immune cells to help them kill cancer cells. Read how OncoDNA is helping oncologists selecting immunotherapy for their patients.

  • Proton therapy is considered to be the most advanced form of radiation therapy. It is particularly appropriate in situations where treatment options are limited and conventional radiotherapy presents unacceptable risks to patients (for example cancers of the eye and brain, head and neck, prostate, liver, lung and breast and pediatric cancers).

How are the analyses performed?

Pathology: A histopathological review of the sample to confirm and assess specimen qualification.


DNA Sequencing: OncoDNA analyse any one of the 6 major DNA changes (CNVs, SNVs, translocations, amplifications, deletions and methylation), using next generation sequencing and other cutting-edge technologies.


Proteins and other biomarkers: Because DNA doesn't provide answers to all the questions, we also look at the presence and activity of proteins. And because some cancer types are very specific, they also test very specific biomarkers using multiple molecular pathology assays.

The unique OncoDNA service

Dynamic report: OncoDNA provide a dynamic report to the requesting physician through their secure online platform: OncoSHARE.
OncoSHARE is a fast, easy, cross-platform and means results are available 24/7.


Lab Analysis Time

  • OncoDEEP: 7 working days

  • OncoSTRAT&GO: 10 working days

  • OncoSELECT: 7 working days

  • OncoTRACE: 7 working days

NOTE: the analysis times listed above do not include the time it takes for solid specimen retrieval from the pathology lab (if required) nor does it include transit time of the sample to the laboratory. For a more accurate estimation of when your results will be released to your physician, please contact Genostics directly at oncodna@genostics.com.au or on +61 1300 282 482.